A New Breed of Art Gallery

15 Jan

When you hear “art gallery” you often picture someone dressed in black, talking with an indistinct accent and showing off the latest abstract art in an austere environment.  Put the thought out of your head and visit Gallery on the Square in Danville, Indiana.  It won’t just change how you feel about galleries, it can give you an entirely new perspective on art.

Gallery on the Square works on two levels.  First of all, it highlights local art.  The best artworks aren’t necessarily the ones that hang in a museum or receive glowing praise from critics; if a work of art means something to the viewer, it is important.  For me seeing artworks inspired by the people and places that I grew up around was more touching than much of the art I’ve seen in the museums of Europe.  One of my favorite pieces, for example, was a watercolor depicting a stack of quilts.  Far from thinking about composition or style, I immediately started recalling the summer I spent working with a local museum’s quilt collection.  Did I need a degree in art history to appreciate it?  Absolutely not.  I could enjoy it solely based on how it made me feel and what it reminded me of.  That’s the benefit of local art.

Secondly, Gallery on the Square showcases a variety of mediums, some that you might not even think of as “art”.  You expect to see paintings and photography but will also find works in clay, wood, fiber, and metal.  The best part is that many of the works for sale are items you can use.  Being able to incorporate handmade artworks into our daily lives is special, especially when most of our possessions are mass-produced wares from large chain stores.  If you’re looking for a gift or a way to add some character to your own home there is no better place to start than Gallery on the Square.  From jewelry and handbags to woodwork and pottery there are plenty of unique pieces to be found that you will treasure using.

Even if you have no plans to visit the Indianapolis area anytime soon you can still experience the benefits of Gallery on the Square.  Similar galleries, often run in conjunction with local art associations, are opening up all over.  You can talk with the artists, view their works, and even take classes from them in many cases.  It’s a great way to get in touch with art whether you’ve been an art lover your whole life or have never been too excited by it.  Either way I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Website: www.galleryonthesquare.net




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